The Shoes I Wore To My Wedding and Why

I finally had the chance to sit down on my laptop and answer all your questions concerning the shoes I wore to my wedding!

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who commented, liked, and followed my every step (in my AW s) on instagram!

It was really nice and touching to read all your amazing and kind comments!

Let’s Get Down to Buisness

As most of  you may have already noticed, i am not very tall – I am 1.m60 cm and my husband is a bit taller – more like 40 cm taller, yes – He’s 2 meters tall! I therefore needed the right shoes for the right reasons, and also in order to have an elegant posture, or as the french would say une allure.

The funny thing is that I have always been the one designing or creating shoes for brides that have specific desires or needs, and this time it was my turn. The first thought that crossed by mind as I started my brainstorming process was that I needed something that was more importantly comfortable, and that could carry me throughout the whole day and night without feeling the need to change into something else. I therefore went to what I advise most my brides to wear, which im sure many of you may not agree with until YOU actually wear them!



                                                                                      ANTIGONE – 18 cm Wedges 

Yes, these babies up here were my support – I never felt the need to change into any other shoes! Basicaly i lasted from 12 pm up till 12 am in them. I danced all night, walked around without having to worry about my comfort. I know they look insanely high but they are exactly what i needed considering my dress also had a very long train. It is important to bare in mind that shoes do not usually really show at a wedding unless you are wearing a short skirt, or a cocktail dress. Personally the ANTIGONE – 18 cm Wedges are the perfect balance between a comfortable yet good looking shoe style. They are available online  and at our store upon order only (consider 20 days) – customizable in color (Nude, White, Off-White & Black – or anything in specific is always an option) and in heel height (12, 14, 16 & 18 cms)

Just For Fun

Im sure you’re wondering why I lasted only till 12 am. Yes, the party did last for longer, and so could I, but I wanted to change into another pair of AWs with a special color, specialy to match the theme and the colors of our wedding. What exaclty happened was, we had a French Can-Can dancer show leading us to our cake, and I really wanted to dance along with them! Their stricking colors of the french flag (red, blue and white) gave me the idea to switch into my ANTIGONE platforms in lavish Red. I knew that with the choreography, my shoes would show and it will be my special touch!

                                                                                    ANTIGONE – 15 cm Lavish Red 

Oh, And The Best Part!

The best part was not only deciding what I was going to wear, but also what my lady guests were going to switch into once they were tired of walking and dancing around in their heels! What usually happens is the bride & groom offer their lady guests a slipper or flip flop solution, this way they could dance the night away without any problem. In my case, it was a bit tricky. I knew i had to interefere in someway or another. I therefore started to think of the best solution that could make them happy, and that could also match the theme of the night. I automatically went for a rustic velvet that i love and have also previously used on my  signature AZALEA style, however this time I went for more vintage and subtle colors – a soft mustard, a calm blue and a beautiful anthtracite grey. The slippers were distributed to each guest throughout the night and it made me so happy seeing them dancing in them!

 So There It Is!   

Thank you for reading my journal, it actually felt really nice sharing all this with you! To all upcoming brides, i am more than happy to assist you should you have any questions or requests concerning your shoes. You can get intouch with me through our Contact Us page. My biggest advice above all the shoes, the dress, the make-up and the hair; the most important thing is to stay relaxed and enjoy every second of the planning because this beautiful day passes by so fast, you will be left with the best memories that will last forever!